Lowering Cholesterol Levels naturally

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By Nitin Ajwani

Its not just obese people who are affected by high cholesterol levels these days, even those individuals who have had the history of eating unhealthy foods have suffered and are continuing to suffer from this severe condition. According to experts in the medical field, high cholesterol levels in the human body are undesirable and could easily cause various issues related to heart and may even cause death in extreme cases. some of the common diseases suffered by people having high cholesterol levels are heart attack and stroke. It has become imperative for each one of us to search for ways to help minimize cholesterol levels naturally.

There are lots of natural ways of minimizing cholesterol levels in the body. One such way is to take few tablespoons of vinegar that is derived from apple cider. When this vinegar is mixed with tea and honey and is consumed every morning, it can help minimize cholesterol levels effectively. You can even consider adding few vinegar drops to your veggie salad if you want. This vinegar form is highly popular for removing toxins present inside the body. though researches haven’t yet confirmed the benefits of this vinegar, lots of people who have tried them have validated this development.

Another effective way of lowering your cholesterol level is to consume Omega-3 supplements. This is what the AHA believes. In fact, when these supplements are combined with red rice yeast, the resultant combination is one of the best to help lower cholesterol level in the human body. even those individuals who have low cholesterol levels in them can get benefited through these supplements and thereby stop the onset of stroked and heart attacks. However, one needs to take this mixture on a regular basis to see the results coming their way.

Lowering cholesterol levels can also be achieved through eliminating stress. and this can be done by performing relaxation exercises and yoga. When anxiety exists in you, it will not just contribute in the build up of cholesterol levels in you, but also increases blood pressure level considerably. When you start meditating every alternative day, it helps you calm down mentally and helps kick back your body.

The major contributors for heart attacks are unhealthy fats and LDL. This is one of the reasons why we need to maintain healthy cholesterol and high levels of HDL. When these aspects are maintained properly, your cardiovascular system remains healthy and will function appropriately.

You need to stop eating foods like animal meats as they are rich in fats. Instead, you can concentrate eating foods that consist of less fat in them. some of these foods include chocolate, spinach, garlic, veggies, fresh fruits, nuts, salmon, etc. These food items help in maintaining high levels of HDL as well. another beneficial way of lowering cholesterol levels in the body is to minimize the intake of caffeine and alcohol. If you can stop smoking cigarettes, it can help veins to get hardened and facilitate smoother flow of blood through it. This will help maintain cholesterol levels naturally.

About This Author: Nitin Ajwani enjoys networking with health care professionals and going over medical uniforms and nursing shoes. He enjoys the challenges of creativity and attention to detail.

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