What Difference, at This Point, Does It Make?

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ठूलो गाडीको


The 2016 presidential election is getting heated and one of the candidates is surrounded by scandal.  The American electorate is finally discovering the reality and the polls are tightening. We may be able to bring government manage back to the people as long as we are informed on the issues.

Hillary Clinton and former president bill Clinton have raked in tens of millions of dollars from around the world, including such dicey locations as Saudi Arabia, where a spouse may murder his other half at will; where authorities required schoolgirls back into a burning institution to die because they were not enveloped in their black tent-like garb; where people who drink a beer or are homosexual may be flogged or killed. Yet she poses as the protector of women and children. What did Saudi Arabia get for those millions of dollars? We understand it was not just a speech—that is a cover as enveloping as a burka.

If a doctor dedicated one of Hillary’s crimes, she would be destroyed. and Hillary’s revealed policy amounts to a promise to complete the destruction of personal medicine that she attempted in 1993.
At this point, what difference does that make?

I believe it is crucial for my visitors to stay informed on the problems before going to the voting booth. I am honored to feature this post from Dr Tamzin Rosenwasser, a board licensed in interior medicine and also Dermatology and has also served as president of the association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) in 2007 and 2008.

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What Difference, at This Point, Does It Make?

By Tamzin Rosenwasser, M.D.

If Hillary Clinton’s partisans were doing an stock of her purported vast accomplishments over the past 43 years, there are a number of products they may desire to leave out:

Her failures, such as flunking the Washington D.C. bar examination after graduating from Yale legislation School

Her singular success turning a $1,000 investment into $100,000 dollars in 10 months, although Robert Bone, at AK financial Services, who assisted her to do so, was suspended for three years, and slapped with the largest fine in exchanges history

The sordid outrage of her firing seven workers of the U.S. travel Office, and trying to send an innocent guy to prison to validate firing him—all to give the travel office to confederates from Arkansas

The “completely innocent bureaucratic snafu” in which Craig Livingstone, hired by her as director of the White house office of workers Security, gained incorrect access to the trick FBI data of 900 people

The demise of “Hillarycare,” after it was slapped down by judge Royce Lamberth because illegal secrecy violated the federal Advisory committee Act

Whitewater, the shady genuine estate deal, in which 5 people were jailed for fraud, but bill and Hillary skated free;

The sale of the Lincoln Bedroom, for an aggregate of $5.4 million

The fact that she already has her two terms (Remember? “If you vote for my husband, you get me. It’s a two-for-one blue-plate special.”)

The incredible scenario that somebody who was not only “dead broke, but in debt” in December, 2000, after 27 years of living off the taxpayers, is now worth more than $100 million dollars (of course, they would not have been in debt except for Bill’s sexual harassment of women.)

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Even if we leave all this out, let’s ponder the warning chiseled in stone on the U.S. Archives building: What Is past Is Prologue.

The FBI investigated Hillary after it came to light during the Benghazi hearings that she kept official specify department government records on a personal email server, in direct infraction of the federal Records Act, and destroyed 33,000 emails, declaring they were personal. The department of Justice refused to prosecute her, although they have prosecuted and imprisoned thousands for far less. The FBI director in-depth her lies, e.g. that the attack on our Ambassador was because of an Web video, which she put out for public disinformation.

Hillary rejected our Ambassador to Libya the security measures for which he repeatedly pleaded. Left hanging is the concern of what the Ambassador was actually performing in Benghazi. He may have been running guns from Libya to Syria. and then four Americans were murdered in Libya on September 11th, 2012—but what difference does that make to Hइलारी?

क्लिन्टन फाउन्डेशनका कर्मीहरूले क्लिन्टनका किरणका प्रमुखहरू र स्टान्टोन फाउन्डेन अब्द्वाइन, एक नाइजेनर्ट चैबूत र क्लिन्टन फाउन्डेन “को प्रमुख” पैसा लान्डरिंगको लागि $$ मिलियन। मान्छेहरू उनीहरूले राख्ने कम्पनीलाई बुझिन्छन्। त्यसो भए, यहाँ केहि गलतको “कुनै प्रमाण छैन”। IPSA LOQQQस्कीवन पुनः प्राप्त गर्नुहोस्। यदि तपाईंले यसलाई विज्ञता स्कूल, हिलारी, यसको अर्थ “कुरा आफैले बोल्छ” भन्ने अर्थमा।

हिलारी र बिलले विश्वभरका लाखौं डलरमा जुडा लगाएका छन्, सौदी अरेबियाको रूपमा यस्तो दस स्थानहरू, जहाँ एक जोडी अरेबियाको हत्या गर्न सकिन्छ; जहाँ अधिकारीहरूले स्कूलको आवश्यक संस्थामा मर्ने संस्थामा मर्न सक्ने संस्थामा खान्थे किनकि तिनीहरू आफ्ना कालो पाउबुलको वस्त्रमा खाइरहेका थिएनन्। जहाँ एक बियर पिउने व्यक्तिहरु को लागी वा समलि .्गीहरु को फ्लोर वा मारिन सक्छ। तर महिला र बच्चाहरूको संरक्षणकर्ताको रूपमा उनी भन्छिन्। साउदी अरेबियाले के लाखौं डलर को लागी के पायो? हामी बुझ्दछौं कि यो केवल भाषण मात्र होइन – बर्नकाको रूपमा भागिरहनुको रूपमा कभर हो। जब हिल्लारी राज्यका सचिव हुनको लागि समाप्त भयो, बिलको शुल्कको शुरुवातका लागि उनको भालामा $ 200,000 सम्म $ 200,000 देखि $ 5500,000 सम्म उफ्रिन्छ। निहित एक चार वर्ष पुरानो को लागी स्पष्ट हुनुपर्छ।

दिमागको मानसिक शान्ति: तपाइँको युवाहरु को वरपर को हो बुझाइ

हिलारीको भाषणहरू ठूला बैंक र निगमहरुबाट 21 मिलियन ड्रिडर्स। उनी त्यस विनाशमा छिन् “1%” भन्छिन् कि उनले त्यसरी देखेको छैन, “… … किनभने हामी सामान्य आयकर तिर्दछौं, नामहरू नाम राख्दैनौं, र हामीले यो देख्यौं, र हामीले यो गरेका छौं। कडा परिश्रम को dint संग। ” साच्चिकै? यो कति गाह्रो छ $ 2,5,000 को लागि बोली बनाउन, $ 50500,000 हुन दिनुहोस्? धेरै व्यक्ति 2 25 बर्षमा $ 7500,000 बनाउँदैनन्, र तिनीहरूले बढी हिलारी वा बिलको तुलनामा अधिक भारी काम गरेन। हो, हिलारीले ती मध्ये केही व्यक्तिलाई कामबाट बाहिर राख्न चाहन्छ।

यसैबीच, ठूलो मिडिया एक भवनमा चढेको केटालाई रिभिंग घण्टा खर्च गर्दछ। मिडिया फ्रिभिया द्वारा जानाजानी हो। यदि त्यहाँ ढीला खोला मा एक llama छ, तिनीहरूले यसलाई कभर गर्नेछन्। हामी पानी पिउने बर्षको समयमा सास फेर्छौं तर अहिले हिलारीले दण्डहीनताको साथ कानुन चलाउन सक्छ, र मिडियाले एक अन्धा आँखाहरू फर्काउँछ।

यदि एक डाक्टरले हिलाइरीको अपराधलाई समर्पित गरे, उनी विनाश हुनेछ। र हिलारीको खुला नीति भनेको व्यक्तिगत औषधिको विनाश पूरा गर्ने आश्वासनको लागि उनले 1 199 199 in मा प्रयास गरे।

यस बिन्दुमा त्यो के फरक हुन्छ?

डा। तामोन रेनेजरले आफ्नी मेडिकल स्कूललाई ​​राखे पछि वाशिंगटन विश्वविद्यालयबाट उनको एमडी कमाए। उनी आन्तरिक औषधिमा इजाजतपत्र र दर्माताशाजी पनि इजाजतपत्र हुन्, र आपातकालीन औषधि अभ्यास गर्न को लागी। डा। राइजेडरकारले 200 2007 र 200 2008 मा अमेरिकी चिकित्सक र शल्य चिकित्सकहरूको अध्यक्षको रूपमा सेवा गरे। डा। राक्षसजर्सले असंख्य लेख र दृष्टिकोणको दृष्टिकोणमा एक अतिथि लेखेका छन् र धेरै मिडियाहरू प्रसारण कार्यक्रममा एक अतिथि थिए। उनी अहिले चिकित्सा अभ्यासमा किताब कम्पोजिंग गर्दैछिन्। उनले नयाँ फाइाउन्डल्याण्ड क्लबको अनुसन्धान सल्लाहकार समितिको अध्यक्षताको रूपमा पनि काम गर्छिन्। एक जीवन लामो कुकुर प्रेमी र ट्रेनर को रूप मा उनी महसुस गरे कि उनको कुकुरहरु को लागी चिकित्सा सेवा र उनको भन्दा बढी चिकित्सा र उनको पशु चिकित्साहरु को लागी एक मात्र शल्यक्रिया को लागी एक मात्र शल्यक्रिया गर्न को लागी।

यस पोष्टमा लिंक गर्नुहोस्:

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